Man Awakes With A Headache To Discover He’s Been Shot In the Head

The next time you wake up with a headache, be warned that it might not be down to over-indulging the night before. At least, it wasn’t for an American man who woke in the middle of the night with an agonising headache – only to discover that it was because he’d been shot in the head.

A woman held on a gun charge claims she accidentally shot her husband in the head after becoming startled when the couple’s burglar alarm activated, authorities said Wednesday.

April Moylan, 39, was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and ordered held Wednesday on $75,000 bond, according to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

Prosecutors were not immediately seeking additional charges.

“The state attorney’s office continues to review the facts of the case, and that review is ongoing,” Sheriff Ken Mascara said Wednesday. “That means it is possible there could be additional charges in the future.”

It was not immediately clear if she had an attorney.

Michael Eugene Moylan, 45, initially told authorities he awoke early Tuesday morning with a severe headache. The couple went to a hospital where a bullet was discovered in the man’s head.

Investigators initially thought Moylan had been hit by a stray bullet, but later realized the couple’s story did not match up, Mascara said.

The couple finally told authorities that April Moylan sleeps with a loaded .32-caliber revolver under her pillow. They said that when the burglar alarm sounded at about 4 a.m. Tuesday, she grabbed the gun and it accidentally discharged, shooting her husband in the head just behind his ear.

Mascara said the couple told authorities they couldn’t simply call 911 because both are convicted felons and are not allowed to own a gun so they concocted the headache story.

April Moylan previously had been convicted of sale and delivery of cocaine in Palm Beach County, Mascara said. Her husband’s criminal record was not immediately available.

He was recovering Wednesday at a hospital. His wound was not considered life-threatening, the sheriff’s office said.

Protestors torch gas stations as gas rationing measures are imposed by Iranian government

Protestors torch gas stations as gas rationing measures are imposed by Iranian government
Two gas stations were torched early Wednesday in Tehran as angry Iranians protested fuel rationing measures suddenly enforced by the government, while many other Iranians lined up to fill their tanks.

There was no official confirmation Wednesday linking the two gas stations that could be seen burning in Tehran to the protests against the rationing, announced late Tuesday by the Oil Ministry. The measure sparked long lines at stations as Iranians tried to get one last fill-up before the limitations kicked in.

State radio reported early Wednesday that several stations were attacked “by vandals,” without giving further details. State-run television also said some of the vandals were detained. It did not give number of the detained people.

Reports that gas stations in several cities across the country were also in flames could not be independently confirmed. See this article for more on this topic.

People were still forming lines at gas stations on Wednesday, though lines had shortened compared to the previous evening.

“I could not fill my car last night because of the rush. Now I have come to experience my first quota,” said Hassan Riahi, a 21-year-old engineering student, as he waited at a Tehran gas station guarded by four police officers.

Iran is the second biggest exporter in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. But because it has low refining capability, it has to import more than 50 percent of its gasoline needs. To keep prices low, the government subsidized gas sales, saddling it with enormous costs.

The government had been planning for weeks to implement rationing, which was supposed to begin May 21 but was repeatedly put off. In May, the government reduced subsidies for gas, causing a 25 percent jump in the price.

The issue is hugely sensitive in this oil-rich nation, where people are used to having cheap and plentiful gas. Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power in 2005 election based largely on his promises to improve the faltering economy. But his failure to do so has sparked widespread criticism.

“This man, Ahmadinejad, has damaged all things. The timing of the rationing is just one case,” said Reza Khorrami, a 27-year-old teacher who was among those lining up at one Tehran gas station before midnight on Tuesday.

Some stations in Tehran had lines more than a half mile long. Minutes before midnight, car owners still caught in the long lines began blaring their horns over and over in protest — sparking arguments with nearby residents trying to sleep.

“Is this good timing, to announce rationing only three hours before it starts?” complained Ahmad Safai, a 30-year-old shopkeeper who was in line. “I had no gas in my car’s tank when I heard the report.”

Under the rationing plan, owners of private cars can buy 26 gallons of fuel per month at the subsidized price of 38 cents per gallon. Taxis can get 211 gallons a month at the subsidized price.

Conservatives in Iran’s parliament, especially those aligned with the country’s national oil company, have long pushed for higher gasoline prices with the hope of curtailing demand and freeing up government spending to invest in more oil and gas production.

Still, Ahmadinejad had resisted allowing increases because of his campaign promises to share Iran’s oil wealth with the nation’s poor. Iran has a law that says gasoline prices must increase 10 percent every year, but the president has resisted efforts by parliament to reverse a 2005 decision to suspend the annual increases.

By 2014, Iran wants to raise its oil production capacity to 5.3 million barrels a day, from the current 4.3 million barrels, and natural gas from 560 million cubic meters a day to 1.5 billion cubic meters, Iranian Minister of Petroleum Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh said recently.

“Iran would need $93 billion in foreign investment and more than $43 billion in domestic financial resources by 2014. The country cannot meet that level of investment and technology needs on its own,” he said at an oil-and-gas conference earlier this month in Malaysia.

In addition, Iran needs another $12 billion investment to raise its refining capacity from 1.625 million barrels a day to 2.94 million barrels in the next 5 years, he said.

Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle™ program takes medical world by storm

Nasal polyps are soft (jelly-like) developments emanating from the paranasal sinuses or the surface of the nasal mucosa. They are resultant from the procedures of numerous diseases in the nasal cavities. The polyps originate near the ethmoid sinuses (positioned on top of the within the nose) and turn into the open areas. They are typically visible inside the nose.

How does Manuel Richards’ Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle™ program work?

When I first came upon Manuel Richards’ Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle™, I was excited, but hesitant. Was a natural, holistic cure for nasal polyposis really possible? It seems so.

Manuel Richards' Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle™

When nasal polyps create, nasal air passages may become shut out developing breathing troubles. When nasal and sinus tissues acquire aggravated or swollen, Rhino-sinusitis creates.

Rhino-sinusitis describes the irritation of the cells of the nose (rhino-) as well as sinuses. I believe this nasal polyps home remedy will be a great treatment for nasal polyps going forward. Nasal Polyps (cells swellings) could develop within the nose and also sinuses; these accountable for lots of symptoms described by individuals with rhino-sinusitis.

Exactly what are the signs of nasal polyps?

A lot of regularly, people struggling with Rhino-sinusitis (nasal and sinus polyps) typically feel really awkward and also often presume they might have flu.

  • Right here are some of the signs and symptoms that occur with folks which have nasal polyps:
  • Nasal obstruction
  • A dripping nose
  • Persistent sinus infection
  • Plain frustrations
  • Snoring
  • Relentless stuffiness
  • Problem in breathing
  • Re-occurring sinus infections
  • Plentiful nasal drain
  • Thick, discolored nasal drainage
  • Minimized sense of odor and also taste
  • Periodic pain in the face
  • People with nasal allergies are prone to polyps. Common allergies include:

Nasal polyps are soft (jelly-like) developments originating from the paranasal sinuses or the surface of the nasal mucosa. They are resultant from the processes of various illness in the nasal cavities. The polyps originate near the ethmoid sinuses (situated at the leading of the within of the nose) as well as grow into the open areas. When nasal polyps establish, nasal airways could come to be shut out creating breathing troubles. When nasal as well as sinus tissues obtain aggravated or swollen, Rhino-sinusitis creates.

Asbestos removal leads to shocking discovery

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It’s official – stress makes us fat.

Australian scientists have discovered a link between obesity and stress.

New research published in an international journal has revealed that chronic stress triggers the body’s fat cells to grow and multiply.

The link between stress and obesity has been known for more than a decade but these findings are the first to explain how exactly the connection works.

The research by Australian, US and Slovakian scientists could lead to new therapies that shrink fat cells or make them die.

Professor Herbert Herzog, director of neuroscience at the Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research, said he expected the findings to have a profound effect on the way society deals with the obesity epidemic.

The research team made its discovery by feeding stressed and unstressed mice a “comfort food” diet high in fat and sugar.

The stressed mice gained twice as much fat as unstressed mice, because the stress caused fat to be stored differently. Eerily similar to this.

Prof Herzog said a molecule called neuropeptide Y, released by the body when stressed, appeared to unlock receptors in the body’s fat cells, stimulating the cells to grow in size and number.

This same mechanism was expected in humans.

While the stress reaction was normal and unavoidable, scientists are working to block the dangerous knock-on fat reaction that it triggers.

“If we can interfere before it causes fat to amass, it could have a major impact on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer which all have links with obesity,” Prof Herzog said.

Study leader Professor Zofia Zukowska, of Georgetown University, said they also hoped to be able to target obesity directly.

“We may be able to reverse or prevent obesity caused by stress and diet, including the worst kind of obesity – the apple-shaped type,” Prof Zukowska said.

The findings were published on Monday in the journal Nature Medicine.

8 million year old cypress trees found in Hungary

Hungarian scientists have discovered a group of fossilised swamp cypress trees preserved from 8 million years ago which could provide clues about the climate of pre-historic times.

Instead of petrifying — turning to stone — the wood of 16 Taxodium trees got preserved in an open-cast coal mine and geologists studied samples as if they were sections cut from a piece of living wood.

“The importance of the findings is that so many trees got preserved in their original position in one place,” Alfred Dulai, a geologist said. “But the real rarity about these trees is that… their original wood got preserved and they did not turn into stone.”

The trees, which stand 4-6 meters tall and 1.5-3 meters in diameter, were found when miners started to remove a deep layer of sand at a mine in the north-eastern village of Bukkabrany to get at deposits of lignite.

The trees date back to the late Miocene geological period at a time when the Carpathian basin — present day Hungary — was a freshwater lake surrounded by swamps. The trees were found on top of the lignite, capturing one of the last moments of these swamps, Dulai said.